7 Signs that Stock Market Is Heading Towards A Serious Correction or Bear Market

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Ron Paul On Bitcoin: “Our Problems Are Gigantic, People Are Desperate And Looking Everywhere”

The former Republican presidential candidate, argues that cryptocurrencies are in an “exponential bubble” where trying to calculate its real value is extremely difficult.

Investors yank billions out of market following Trump’s tax bill: investors pulled $14.5 billion from equities funds and ETFs, the fourth largest on record

For the week ending Wednesday, redemptions from bond funds overall totaled $3.2 billion, the largest in a year. High-yield bond funds were down $5.3 billion, the eighth consecutive week of outflows and the longest streak since the financial crisis in 2008.

This in particular is very interesting. I think the high-yield market is going to be particularly important in the next financial crisis because it is so central to how many companies get credit, and the interest rates have completely disconnected from risk.
It’s ominous that we’ve now reached the longest streak in outflows since 2008…That’s consistent with a lot of other metrics like the levels of household and corporate debt.

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