75,000 Bank Jobs Cut! Auto Industry Cuts! 100,000 Industrial Job Cuts in Germany!

Yes, some companies are hiring. Some industries are doing good. But can we acknowledge the fact that there are some serious job cuts happening?! Many people will ignore that and simply look at the U3 unemployment rate but that’s just an embarrassment. It’s an insult to see that without it being presented as humor. How would you define the current state of the economy?

The car companies are laying people off because they going to electric vehicles. The banks are laying people off because they’re just doing some housekeeping. Santa Claus is also laying off a few elves because the freight volumes are lower this year too. Why do people believe their narrative they’re told just because they’re given an excuse. Read between the lines. Look deeper into the issues. Peel back the layers. Unveil reality. 


Fed Adds $72.8 Billion to Markets, Balance Sheet Moves to $4.07 Trillion – WSJ


Italy’s Largest Bank In Trouble? UniCredit To Layoff 8,000 Jobs Amid Western Europe Struggles


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UniCredit Pushes Global Bank Job Cuts Past 70,000 Mark This Year


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bc-unicredit-pushes-global-bank-job-cuts-past-70000-mark-this-year.png (620×349)


UniCredit Pushes Global Bank Job Cuts Past 70,000 Mark This Year – BNN Bloomberg


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Bank failure in New Jersey is nation’s third in a week | American Banker


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