76% of American CEOs say they may shrink office space (28% say they need a lot less office space) As CMBX 12 loses 20% since March

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by confoundedinterest17

Should you take out students loans to get a Masters in Real Estate Development (MRED) degree? Unless MRED programs move away from their usual orientation towards office space (George Mason University), they will be dead. And your student loans will be an albatross around your neck for a useless degree.

(Fortune) We knew it was a bad time for commercial real estate. We didn’t imagine it was this bad.

Among CEOs, 76% told Fortune their company will need less office space in the future. And 28% say they’ll need a lot less office space. That’s the finding from a Fortune survey of 171 CEOs in collaboration with Deloitte between September 23 to 30.* 

If we look at the office dominated CMBX 12,

And if we look at CMBX prices for S12, the price crashed with Covid in March 2020 and has only recovered from 100 to 80.19 as an indication of how bad the office market is.

And with prolonged government shutdowns, the demand for office space is in decline. Just sleep in.



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