$800 to $800,000 back to $800. What a wild ride.

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by hurley53017

Turned $800 into $3,000 after years of diligent trading. I was a well diversified, disciplined investor who wallowed in due diligence.

Went Yolo with the $3k on Tesla Earnings Options in November 2019 and turned $3,000 into $120,000. Got addicted to playing earnings calls. I was pretty good at it and my portfolio peaked at $800,000.

Long story short, let $300,000 ride on Slack earnings, and they shit the bed last quarter. It was a downward spiral from there. I’m in the process of rebuilding from a sub $1,000 account.

I just made $100k on Salesforce’s Earnings, and i’m putting it all on Slack Earnings again (9/11 exp. call options around $35 strike). Wish me luck.

Right before Slack earnings. Everything Expired worthless.

Webull Account


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