9 Surprising Ways In Which Tech Products Could Result in Personal Injury

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The evolution of technology has made our lives easier. Definitely, the introduction of tech products has made it possible to delve into areas that seemed impossible prior to their presence. Connecting every corner of the world has become possible through this unprecedented technological uprising.

The emergence of smartphones and computers has definitely created a lot of difference in our outlook towards life. Things have become a lot more convenient. That said, not all is well with the tech evolution. While there are lots of benefits to enjoy, there are areas that may have a negative impact on individual health and mental stability. Though the positives outnumber the negatives, the risks part cannot be overlooked, particularly when they can be disabling and lethal sometimes.

Tech Injuries To Be Wary Of

Gadgets can lead to personal injuries and at times, can have a concerning effect on damaging certain organs of the body. The severity of tech-related injuries are so harsh, there have been new laws that allow for the filing of personal injury claims as a result of using gadgets and tech devices.

Some of the common injuries that happen due to the use of gadgets like smartphones and computers are shoulder pain, neck spasms, blurred vision, and even fatal accidents! A person can get hit by a vehicle if he/she accidentally walks through the middle of the road, busy talking over the smartphone or surfing the internet, for instance.

Tech Injury Claims

While road accidents can occur all of a sudden, there are health problems that emerge slowly, with repetitive actions and prolonged exposure. The longtime development of situations can have a very devastating impact on a user’s health. A person filing for tech-related health insurance claims may have to provide enough evidence to prove his/her case. Tech-related personal accident or even health risk claims are difficult to settle unless professional legal help is taken. An individual injuries lawyer can be hired for representation, particularly in an environment where tech companies wield massive power.  
Sufferings Continue, Unmonitored!

Cases related to tech injuries keep growing by the day. Computer-related diseases have grown beyond measure in the last decade.

“The most affected ones are kids and teens”, reports a reputed personal injury accident lawyer. Blurred vision, insomnia, hallucinations, nausea, spine, and neck pain are some common injuries being faced by the modern-day tech-savvy kids.  

A lot of research works keep on going and journals being published on injuries that happen because of tech gadgets. It was not long back when a game called MOMO caused mayhem and resulted in the death of some players. What can you say about this? In fact, legal steps were enforced to ban this game that insisted the players in committing a heinous crime like suicide.  

Top 9 Common Injuries That Are Common To Tech-Savvy People

The use of gadgets can cause certain ailments in the body. The ailments can be physical as well as mental. There isn’t much emphasis on the severity of these issues but things can take an ugly turn at some point of time. Here, we shall be focusing on 9 such personal injuries that happen due to excess use of tech gadgets:

  • Computer Hunch

A lot of people sit in front of the computer to work. Improper posture in sitting for a longer period can result in stiffness in the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Slouching forward while working on a computer for quite some time, results in causing such health issues. This type of sitting condition puts enormous pressure on the shoulder blades, thus resulting in causing pain.  

  • Kindle Strain

A lot of people use tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets for reading or playing games. A common posture is lying horizontally and then propping up the head with pillows for greater comfort. But they don’t understand the risk of such a posture. It can result in shortening of muscles, leading to neck and shoulder pain. Using too many pillows can prove to be dismal for the muscles.

  • Struck by Lightning

It is extremely risky to talk over the phone (smartphones or any mobile phone) while the weather is harsh. In case lightning strikes and someone is using the phone nearby, it can lead to cardiac arrest, hearing loss, blindness or even mental trauma.

  • FBCD

FBCD stands for Fit Bit Compulsive Disorder. This type of injury may happen if someone is involved in carrying out several activities without taking any break. A hurried approach without allowing the body to adapt to the settings can result in the occurrence of FBCD.

It mainly happens to those who have just started working out to stay fit through fitness gadget instructions. Just from doing nothing to getting engaged in vigorous activities from the first day will result in tiring out the muscles. Unless the muscles get enough time to recover, it could lead to stiffness, thus causing pain in body areas. Most common areas that get affected include ankles, shin bones, and knees.  

  • Photosensitive Seizures

Some people experience photosensitive seizures when playing video games or even watching television. It may not happen all the time but when it happens, things can take an ugly turn. Tech experts consider this issue a result of imbalances in the brain’s signaling process.  

  • Desktopitis

This is one of the most severe and common injuries that tech experts face. Be it for work or education, the computer is one of the primary sources of information. When using the desktop computer for long enough, the user’s elbow will surely be resting on the desk for most of the time. Such a scenario can result in causing over sensitizing on the elbows. It can result in causing a tennis ball kind of situation in the elbow.  

  • Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Using the computer for more than two hours at a stretch may cause CVS in some users. People who use a computer for more than two hours a day may develop computer vision syndrome (CVS). People suffering from CVS may experience blurred vision, dryness in eyes, headaches, nausea, and eyestrain problems.   

  • Charging Unit Hazards

Compatible charging units are commonly used with devices these days. But some of the units can malfunction, leading to electric shocks and other health hazards. Henceforth, it is recommended to purchase only branded charging units for the devices.

  • Tinnitus Development

This is a fatal condition that can happen to those using cell phones for long hours of talking. Those who suffer from tinnitus will have a sense of phone ringing in the ear. This situation can be quite frustrating and very difficult to get treated.


We need to raise awareness regarding the proper use of gadgets and how to safeguard health. Gadgets and technological innovations are a boon to living, only and only if, we are properly aware of the correct way to use and treat them.




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