9 Unusual Ways to Save More and Spend Less

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Wish you weren’t constantly spending money?

You’re not the only one. 

It seems as though it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for people to be frugal these days – particularly when there are so many crucial bills to pay for. Even if you think you’re extra careful with your cash, you might have a hard time finding extra funds to put aside for your future goals. 

The good news? There are a few interesting ways that you might be able to save a little extra without taking all the fun out of your life. 

Here are our top unusual ways to spend less and save more. 

  • Compare Everything

We’re not just talking about comparing the price of big-ticket items like televisions and game consoles. Make sure that whatever you buy – you’re getting the lowest price. That means examining the cost of your grocery shopping, car insurance, even the loan you’re planning to take out, and its fees/interest rates too. With so many comparison sites online, there’s no excuse not to take advantage. 

  • Get More Sleep

Wish you had more time in bed? Start changing your sleep schedule. If you usually go to bed at around 12, try settling in at around 11 instead. This way, you’ll reduce the amount of energy you use in your home, eliminate late-night drinking and snacking, and improve your sleep hygiene too. You might feel a lot healthier after just a few days. 

  • Teach your Cat to Use the Bathroom

Sound crazy? Bear with us. There are plenty of tools that pet-owners can use to teach their kitty how to use the toilet these days. If you can successfully pull this off, then you could save thousands of dollars on cat litter and other toilet accessories throughout the life of your cat. You’d be surprised how easy this process is too. 

  • Paint Your Roof

Sometimes, if you want to save more money in the long-term, you need to invest a bit more now. For instance, more than a sixth of all energy consumed in the US comes from air conditioning fees. However, you can reduce your costs significantly by painting your roof white. White roofing stays cooler for longer, reducing your air conditioning costs significantly. 

  • Trick yourself more Often

If you have a hard time legitimately convincing yourself not to spend money, one easy option could be to tell yourself that you have less money than you do. For instance, round all of your expenses up and your income down. If you make $2230 one month, round it down to $2200 instead. If you’re spending $65 on food, tell yourself you spent $70. Eventually, you’ll end up with extra money to save. 

  • Cut your Hair

If you ever dream of having a new look, now’s the time to take the plunge. People with long hair spend a lot more money on conditioner, shampoo, and even water. Additionally, if you blow dry your hair, then you’re probably spending extra on electricity too. Cut your luscious locks into a chic, shorter do, and you could save some serious cash. Plus, you can donate your hair to charity too. 

  • Pack Lunches on a Weekend

Hopefully, you’re already packing lunches for when you go to work each day. This can save you a fortune on eating out at expensive cafes and restaurants with friends. However, what about when you’re running errands on the weekend? When you’re trying to get things done during your days away from work, it can be easy to convince yourself to pay for a snack or fast food instead. Packing a lunch for your days off is a great way to save money and improve your nutrition too. 

  • Eliminate Grey charges

If you don’t regularly check your bank account statements or credit card bills, then now is the time to get started. Grey charges – otherwise known as those small fees that we often forget about, can add up very quickly. Take a look at your expenses and ask yourself how much you spend on the things you frequently forget about – like subscriptions to television streaming services, or money spent on coffees when you’re heading to work each morning. 

  • Drink more Water

Finally, take a bottle of water with you wherever you go. Not only will you be healthier for the hydration, but you’ll also be less likely to snack between meals because your water will keep you feeling full and satisfied. 



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