A bunch of Marines were just caught purposely smuggling illegal aliens into the country

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A bunch of marines were just caught smuggling in illeagal aliens into California. They are suspected of smuggling in drugs as well. This is a Fedral crime. Their punishment? They won’t even get court marshaled, they just have to agree to leave the military. How many more are involved and why are they not actually being punished. What is the miltitary in CA really doing?

-13 were arrested all at once, Several of the US Marines who were part of a mass arrest by Navy investigators at Camp Pendleton on July 25 have agreed to be kicked out of the service instead of facing a court-martial or an administrative review, the 1st Marine Division said on Tuesday.

  • Comes after two Marines were charged with trying to smuggle three people across the US-Mexico border, which is considered a federal crime. The Corps said it was during the investigation of the two lance corporals that investigators found others who were suspected of being involved.

In November, a judge ruled that the mass arrest was an example of unlawful command influence, which refers to military leaders abusing their position to influence legal proceedings.



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