A candidate for Congress is warning NY voters to check their registrations today. It sounds like they'll be disenfranchising people by tampering with registrations again, just like they did in 2016.

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The NY Board of Elections has admitted to illegally deleting 200k voter registrations in Brooklyn in 2016. Similar purges also happened across the country, perhaps most notably in Arizona where the AZ Secretary of State confirmed that election fraud took place. Thousands of people were denied their right to vote when they showed up at the polling location, found their registration had been tampered with, and were given provisional ballots that wouldn’t be counted. There were many people who found that their party registration had been changed without their permission too. The corporate media didn’t give this story any attention despite it affecting literally hundreds of thousands of registrations in Brooklyn alone.
It’s probably also worth noticing that New York has some of the most restrictive rules to being allowed to vote in primaries. Not only do you have to be a registered member of the party you’re voting in, but the registrations must be in many months in advance. I think the deadline for registering is already passed now, so anyone whose registration has been tampered with likely will not be able to re-register. I think the advice for anyone affected by this is to document everything you can and present your issue to the Board of Elections, but fair warning, I seem to recall people not having much success taking that route in 2016.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a NY Democrat who is running for Congress in 2018. She’s associated with the Justice Democrats organization, but I honestly don’t know anything about her policy positions and I’m offering no comment on her quality as a candidate. I’m sharing this here because I saw it posted elsewhere and people were commenting about how their registrations had been deleted despite being a regular Democrat voter for years. I saw this a lot in r/sandersforpresident during the primaries in 2016, people complaining about their registrations having been tampered with, so I wanted to help call attention to this here if possible. Anyone in NY who is hoping to vote in the midterm primaries should check their registration to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with.
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