A Catastrophic Dollar Collapse Is Threatening To Unleash Hyperinflation In America

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Every day the dollar gets weaker. Just a matter of time till it all collapses… Then 80% of the American service jobs will be worthless, as all the bureaucracy collapses with the Dollar. Only developing market stocks saw some inflow even though we have an all-time high in M2 money supply. Things are looking dire. Stagflation is weak growth along with persistent high inflation. It is usually seen as a particularly vicious period in the economic cycle when very few asset classes perform well. The cost of goods and services rises, and the cost of labor, in turn, rises and drives the cost of goods and services to rise. Be careful. Debt is not income. Borrowing to consume will lead to ruin. In lieu of income that used to come from plentiful jobs and opportunities, Americans have been handed credit to fill the gap. If you don’t escape this trap, your future is certain.
It is impossible to have a civil society when the government manipulates everything, every market, every policy, the news, what your children are taught, everything. If you think it over carefully, life was good for the USA up until the moment we started weaponizing the US Dollar. The petrodollar died, and nobody is reporting the story. Hyperinflation is inevitable. Excessive money printing should be criminal. Stealing billions from savers to enable fiscally irresponsible practices is unethical. We’re way past the time when anything could be done about it. It is the end of the empire and they are going to print until the currency is ruined and the elite and their cronies are right now in the process of doing what is always done at the end of empires… raiding the treasury.
Outsourcing and offshoring jobs has been happening for decades, but with the rise of the modern day internet, it’s reaching unprecedented heights. You can outsource pretty much anything, and as someone who has worked in the eCommerce field, let me tell you, the majority of these companies/startups use cheap labor from overseas. Anything from copywriters to graphic designers, and data analysts. You name it. Bookkeeping, accounting, customer service, underwriting, and other jobs to workers in the Philippines because he can pay them $3-5 an hour. Meanwhile, he constantly says “no American wants to work.”
We couldn’t compete with the cheap labor that’s flooding the country. It’s a race to the bottom. So what does this have to do with America not producing anything, you might ask? Well, it’s hard to produce and having to compete with a worldwide market. You and I may want to start making American-made t-shirts, but our labor and cost of living will have us price our shirts at $30-50 to see a bit of profit. While, people would argue they could get the same shirt at Walmart for $5-10, made in Vietnam. This is why, if you look at the last 25 years, nothing has really changed in Western countries. 1995 America really isn’t any better off than 2021 America, and it can be argued that 2021 America is far worse.
All of the money that could have gone into building better products went into Wall Street speculation. Turing Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and others into multi-trillion dollar corporations. Then you look at the cars. You can find cars from 2000 that still look like they could be currently sold. Not to mention that a Dodge Charger/Challenger is based on a 1997 Mercedes E class. We all think we have free-market capitalism but in essence, it is nothing of the sort. The entire game board is tilted and skewed in a way that sucks wealth from the poor and unknowing to the wealthy and insiders. The complete disconnect between the financial class and the main street is greater than ever before, and it’s not coming back.

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