A Catastrophic Stock Market Crash Is Coming In September: Get Ready For An Apocalyptic Bubble Burst

Central Banks have become the new Feudalism. All property and wealth are being concentrated into a few hands via Fiat and zero interest. Serfdom is the endgame. The federal unemployment boost just ended, more states will end supplemental programs. Meanwhile, the real costs of living went up 15%-20% in one year. Hysteria continues to fester in the hive mind. Housing prices have grown 2 to 3 times more than wage growth since 2012. That bubble is getting turgid! Then total chaos and only the survivors could care less. Our entire economy has been financialized. When you can make 100 times more money trading stocks than you can make working hard all day, you know the system is getting ready to collapse. Employers can’t compete with the Fed’s money printing. Government can pay workers more to stay home than your customers will pay you for the products or services you provide.
Anybody happens to notice that some businesses like Walmart, for example, have been hiring for years according to their signs posted at the entrances yet haven’t actually hired anyone? The worker shortage isn’t because of [the health crisis] or because they’ve been incentivized to stay home on unemployment, but rather because these businesses simply can’t afford to pay workers!
The now hiring signs are there to keep you from seeing what’s actually happening economically. There’s less to sell. There’s less on the shelves. There’s less coming in from China. It’s all tied together. People are buying less. Everything is falling apart. Therefore, the point of power pumping the stock market wasn’t simply to just push prices upward and make money for institutional traders, but rather to use it as a channel to funnel life support money.
All metrics are down, yet stocks keep on pumping like a train. The Fed is doing more printing than it lets on and is buying EVERYTHING. Stocks generally track the amount of currency in circulation over time, so as long as the currency supply is expanding, stonk prices go zoom. The top will happen when prices finally explode. In 2008 and 2009, that is what it did. Gas prices exploded, along with commodities and food. I think this will play out the same. They can print money until that money has a direct impact on prices. At some point, prices are going to take off. That will be the end of the free money experiment.
Soon not even the printing of money can keep up the market for at least the next temporary correction. If ever the Fed stops printing, the crash is guaranteed. An epic market crash is inevitable, which is fueled by the FED. The stimulus efforts will only exacerbate the downturn. The Fed is manipulating the most important information parameter in the economy, and that’s the interest rates.
The implosion is going to be spectacular. But the funny part will be the people will be dealing with skyrocketing prices while having no assets to fall back on.
You can artificially inflate the markets with margin lending and share buybacks, and this is what is happening, just like it did before 1929. In the 1930s, they had learned the hard way that inflated asset prices are not a store of wealth. October is looking pretty good for a nice adjustment or crash. If the Democrats do not deliver on the 3.5 trillion dollar package and there is a protracted debt ceiling fight, the beginning of October could be pretty bumpy. Late September to middle-ish of October is when the stock market crash will happen.

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