A company that was established just 5 months ago received the contract to develop the main foundational app to be used in the critical Iowa Caucus. The CEO of this company was Hillary Clinton’s Director of Product for her 2016 presidential campaign.

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This app failed massively last night in Iowa.

The Iowa caucus tonight ended in complete chaos with zero results being announced hours after closure. The Iowa Democratic Party have stated that there were technical problems with the new app being used to report the numbers. People began researching the app and digging deeper to see what was going on behind the scenes and they found information that is very concerning.

The company that created this new app for tonight’s Iowa caucus is called Shadow and here is the LinkedIn screenshot of the company’s CEO

Investigative journalist from the intercept talking about Shadow in this tweet where he shows that the Iowa and Nevada Democratic Parties funded the development of this app and candidate Peter Buttigieg’s campaign also paid this company.

Suspicious tweet from the CEO of the parent company that owns Shadow.


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