A consumer based Economy unable to consume. Printing presses printing money with nothing being produced?

by GodFrequency

Anyone see a fundamental flaw in this whole concept of shutting everything down?

I mean I get it, covid 19 is some messed up shit, and will kill alot of people, but more than likely it would have killed the majority of those folks, quarantine or not, and what cure are we waiting for? Georgia guidestones solutions of population reduction because it’s where we’re headed. Or perhaps new treatments from the gates foundation. It wasn’t enough that he set a computer in everyones home and financially profited off of technology that he pirated from others. Now he’s going to give us all the cure, and I’m sure make a second fortune off of the sick dying and scared.

You know what’s been playing in my head for the last year over and over and over again like a broken record. Not voices, but just an inspiration, much like all people who have that spark of an idea that launches a new invention, or tells them when to invest. What’s been playing in my head and just comes to me automatically from the universe is. “this world is coming to an end” It doesn’t mean the destruction of the entire planet, but it means this way of life, this existence, this society, this construct of humanity that is broken and based off of never ending consumption on a planet with finite resources.

A virus ripping through the population, changing demographics forever, I was laying in bed last night thinking of all the people in my life who have been critical to my existence in one way or another. My old employer who is getting up in years, my dad who is 30 years ahead of me, uncles, one of my largest clients is older. How many of these people r going to b gone? How much wealth is going to b sucked under in health care treatment and just trying to survive.

Lastly, the King Dollar. with the printing presses roaring full blast and the entire world soaking all that up, and oil at .99 cents a gallon and the King dollar/petro collar connection. How does that all play out. I mean the main reason foreign countries have held U.S. dollars is to purchase U.S. currency based petroleum. Now they need less U.S. dollars, because Gas is half off or more. So foreign countries need less of our currency to function at a time when were printing and handing out record amounts of the stuff.

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The Federal Reserve, the people put in charge of the magic power to create currency. What are they doing in this time of crisis? The same thing they did during the crashes in the 20’s and 30’s. They are creating money out of thin air, wealth that does not exist in order to lend to small businesses and others across the nation who are going to be borrowing in order to survive. In other words, not enough they owned most of the stock market, etc. Now the fed wants to own stakes in every small business, mom and pop and private industry across the country. We will pay them back with interest on money created out of thin air. In other words trade our time and energy which took them no time and energy to create. A transfer of power from the weak to the strong.

I also look at the entire corvid-19 situation. It was so funny that we all were so fascinated with Jade Helm, for the past few years I had made jokes about whenever passing anything loaded with military or other equipment. Oh, look, there goes Jade Helm. We all expected some grand confrontation with the powers that b. A battle fought street to street, lockdowns. It was hard to imagine how they could lock down an entire country, or gain compliance from the masses in order to enforced things like curfews and lock downs, and hauling people off. It was a no way is that happening situation.

Now we have essentially locked ourselves up for them. The prison is in our mind, the killer invisible and something we feel we cannot fight, and the elderly and our loved ones held hostage if we don’t agree to lock ourselves up.

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It reminds me too much of the movie sneekers when they’re standing on the rooftop and the evil mastermind of the film says. “it’s about who controls the information”. So what are we all doing? we’re locking ourselves indoors, turning on our tel-u-a-visions, and receiving our programming daily. About something they keep as a mystery. My only contact with covid-19 has come from speaking with my neighbor, she works at a hospital, and they have 4 covid-19 patients, and yes, she says they are in critical and bad condition. We talked on the phone, not in person.

This may very well b real, but engineered or not, let no good crisis go to waste is their motto for a reason.

Lastly, if this was engineered and this gets into speculation and conspiracy, for what purpose? well, if u understood that there was something incoming, something that was going to mess up the entire ecosystem of the planet, an asteroid, an massive solar event like a solar blast from the sun, an earths crustal displacement event. It would b much easier to control the masses if u had them locking themselves down already, most of the stores closed already that way you have choke points and centers of control. Have them trained already for showing travel papers and if they are considered essential or not.

“This World Is Coming To An End”
I thought at first it may actually come back online, but now I truly wonder. Not sure it matters, whatever happens happens, this was always a temporary journey anyway. It’s like a ride and the only way out is to die, so no fear, just living for each day and enjoying it as much as possible.

Much luv to all of u, may God or whatever higher source you store your faith in b with you.