A Day In New Orleans After LOCKDOWN! – NOLA Economy Has Been DESTROYED

Josh Sigurdson does a vlog on spending a day in New Orleans, Louisiana following the lockdown.

During a road trip around the country as states crack down across the board on the most basic of freedoms, we went to New Orleans for the night and decided to have a look around.

The French Quarter is infamous in New Orleans, especially Bourbon Street. While parties have continued and there is some level of tourist activity, the results are sad.

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Bars are at small capacity, there is contact tracing everywhere, half of the businesses have gone under and are unlikely to ever open again and inspectors are stopping people from dancing longer than a minute at a time.
This is just a glimpse of the greater issue of the complete collapse of the global economy.

You cannot put people out of business for months, then allow them to open with crazy mandates while at 30% capacity and expect them to survive. As businesses run out of cash it is very likely that we will see most of these businesses disappear by 2021.



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