A Forceful Financial Storm Is Coming And Will Likely To Destroy Everything That Comes In Its Way

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Interest rates are going parabolic stock market is going to crash.


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China’s Lockdowns of Tens of Millions Inflicts More Pain on Global Supply Chains

Seeing China’s financial hub Shanghai, home to 25 million, come to a standstill amid more than four weeks of lockdown has made those in Beijing nervous. The capital city has detected growing COVID-19 outbreaks and has rushed to conduct mass testing in a bid to contain the virus.

The Foreclosure Avalanche Has Started: 181% Surge to Highest Levels Since March 2020

In March 2022, foreclosures surged 181% to highest levels since March 2020, with Chicago, New York, LA and Houston lead the pack. Some eight months after a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures expired, foreclosure filings soared to the highest level since the pandemic began.

S&P 500 Bounces Off Support For the Third Time, What’s Next?

The problem for the bulls is that each bounce off a technical support level gets weaker and weaker.

Not the 1970s or the 1920s: We’re in Uncharted Territory

All of these similarities and differences are setting up a sea-change revaluation of capital, resources and labor that will be on the same scale as the extraordinary transitions of the 1920s and 1970s.

M2 Money Velocity Crashes To Near All-time Low As Fed Continues To Print Money At 9% YoY Clip

M2 Money Velocity (GDP/M2 Money) peaked in Q3 1997, but after several bouts of Fed money printing, M2 Money Velocity is near the all-time low at 1.1216 In Q1 2022. And M2 Money stock is still growing at a torrid pace of 9.9% YoY. But the massive overreaction of The Federal Reserve in response to the Covid outbreak has led to near zero money velocity.

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Q1 US Employment Costs Skyrocket Most In History Helping To Increase Already Soaring Inflation

Not only has The Federal Reserve driven M2 Money Velocity to near historic lows, but now we find out that the Employment Cost Index just rose to a historic high. Of course, a variety of minimum wag…

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