A Group of Mexican Doctors Have Discovered an ACTUAL Cure for HPV, and Even Cervical Cancer in It’s Infant Stage. Meanwhile, They Actually ADMITTED There’s No Money in Curing People

by WeAreTheResistance

With emerging advances in gene editing, the pharmacutical companies are no longer going to be hide advances in medicine and discovering cures to diseases, like a group of Mexican Doctors have recently done with the HPV Virus, and even cervical cancer in It’s infancy stages.

100% effectiveness!

Google HPV Cure and click on News and see how many mainstream media outlets in America have reported this amazing discovery that there’s a cure for HPV.

Meanwhile, TSM looks back on an article written by a Goldman Sachs analyst, actually discussing about how the prospects of curing diseases with this new advancement in gene editing is actually not a profitable venture.

We are at a crossroads as humanity. It’s time to stand up for humanity.