A majority of U.S. adults say 2021 was one of the worst years in American history

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With 2021 all but over, YouGov asked Americans about what they thought of the year and how it will be remembered in history, along with questions about what they predict for the next year and the next decade.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe it was a bad (35%) or terrible (30%) year for the country. Republicans are especially likely to say this, with 35% saying 2021 was bad and nearly half (46%) saying it was a terrible year for America. Two-thirds of Independents also say it was a bad or terrible year for America, and 50% of Democrats agree.

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But Americans’ personal lives are a different story. While 31% of adults say it was a bad or terrible year for them personally, 41% say the year was OK. One in five (19%) say it was a good year, and there are even a few (5%) who say 2021 was great for them.


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