A Message for Everyone…

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by KrisspyKremeThomas95

Dear People:

We are still not “back to normal”. Please understand that social distancing and quarantine are not an infringement upon your human rights. They are necessary to keep us all safe. More importantly, they are necessary for protecting the vulnerable. People’s lives are more important than your desire to go out and socialize. When you’re dead, who would you socialize with then?? While I may not be in the high risk group, I am protecting them by protecting myself by staying home and keeping my distance whenever I have to go out. Everyone, please understand that this is not about you. It’s about the well-being of mankind. We are all in this together (from a distance of course).

Why are people still having parties or getting together right now?? I turn 25 on the 20th and I won’t be going out for it though things are open now here in Georgia. I’m refusing to go out because people’s health and safety are more important than going out for my birthday.



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