A movement to stop the US going to war with Iran

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by rxsieDx

Yesterday, an article written by Owen Jones called ‘a US war with Iran looms. Don’t think for one second that it is justified’.

The link to the article is here

One quote that stood out to me was: ‘and a movement to stop a repeat of Iraq and Libya needs to get its act together now’

He’s right. We need to do something ourselves before this escalates even more. Why is none of us doing anything? Why are we not resisting this war that will take the lives of many Iranians and western soldiers? Why are we sitting back and letting them lie to us time and time again to justify their wars?

There were protests all over the world opposing Brunei’s law, which was the execution by stoning punishment for gays. And guess what? Brunei scraped the law, according to the New York Times. It made a difference. It got people the change they wanted, and too right as well!

So, why do we not do this when it comes to war? We will defend the rights of gays, the rights of women, defend equal rights for everyone and see progress and change, but why are we never protesting for people’s HUMAN RIGHTS?

And when I say this, I am not disputing the validity of these protests. They are extremely important and I am glad they happen. I just don’t understand why we spend so much time only focusing on the problems that affect a minority, rather than the problems that affect half the world.

It’s clear to me that protesting and spreading awareness of these problems DOES make a difference. As we have seen previously. There are countries like Algeria, Iraq (Iraqis back in May protested against Iraq getting involved in the potential US-Iran war), Egypt, Sudan etc. And especially the people in Sudan, they know they could be killed, yet they still protest and stand up for what they think is right anyway. I only use this example to show the lengths some people would go to see change.

So, I want to do something. If there is enough of us we have to be listened to. I am from the UK so I am thinking of networking with people in the US especially, and other countries around the world. As many as possible. I want to create posters and send them to as many people as I can, so they can put them up in their town/city/state/county etc. Calling for people to do something.

I do a little graphic design at home myself, but I am not that experienced. I’m going to try anyway but if there’s anyone on here who is experienced in graphic design it would be good to see what you could come up with as well.

I feel like I need something that will not only catch the attention of those who are completely against the US-Iran war, but also those who are supporting it. I need something so catchy that people will talk about it, think about it and want to do something.

I hope we can start this journey here, on reddit. I don’t know where else to go. I don’t even know where to begin. I just know, that we NEED to do something and we need to do something NOW.

I would also like to arrange protests in London, or find someone who is capable of doing so at least. Well after all that is my main goal, for these posters to inspire people to protest and stand up. To remind people that we don’t ever have to sit back and let it happen. That we CAN do something and we won’t stop until we make that change happen.

please feel free to repost this post to other places. Make your own posters if you wish, anyone can do it. You just have to want change enough, that is where your motivation and inspiration should come from.

As Owen Jones said, we need a movement to stop a repeat of Iraq and Libya and we need it NOW.


Oh my gosh. I am completely overwhelmed by the amazing response this post is getting! I wish I could personally thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging!

As for the discord some of you are suggesting, I am speaking to people now about it and they are giving me help and advice, as I don’t really know where to begin! I really do want to set one up.


Someone has posted a petition to stop the US-Iran war and the link is here



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