A must watch: Biden on his crime bill that helped give us mass incarceration. How do people not know he said these things? You think it would be headline news for a candidate

Biden is massively responsible for a lot of the system we have today. It’s crazy to me people don’t know this, even a couple years ago when asked if he regretted it? He said absoultley not.

Here he brags about being known as the man responsible for giving everyone the death penelty except jaywalkers, says he wants to keep people in prison for as long as possible, says most are beyond hope and rehabilitation and that he doesn’t matter who they got to be on the streets or their family lives he doesn’t care, they need to be locked up. Calls them animals needing to be removed from society…and brags that democrats should be the ones known for being tough on crime because his name has been on every major and minor crime bill. Talks about because of him people would need to stay in jail the full sentence (even if they did rehabilitate) Even Hillary Clinton chastised him, even though her own husband signed it into law.

When Biden was a senator from Delaware, fashioned a string of bills that overhauled the country’s crime laws…most notably the “Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984″ which established mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses; the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which imposed harsher sentences for possession of crack than for possession of powder cocaine; and the ” Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 ” , which was essentially a catchall tough-on-crime that touched nearly every aspect of American law enforcement that was signed into law by President Bill Clinton .

Even Clinton admitted the implications of it:

“I signed a bill that made the problem worse,” Mr. Clinton said. “And I want to admit it.”

  • His crime bill extended the death penalty to 60 new crimes, stiffened sentences, offered states strong financial incentives for building new prisons and keeping people in them longer helped lead to the wave of mass incarceration that’s resulted in the United States accounting for 25 percent of the world’s prison population, denied certain higher education rights to inmates, and allowed law enforcement to seize money and property from people who were neither charged with nor convicted of a crime . His bill contributed to the dramatic rise in the country’s prison population in the years that followed.

And even worse, he ASKED to be put in charge of this :

When Biden finally landed a seat on the judiciary panel he wrote to Mr. Eastland again, petitioning to be put in charge of the subcommittee overseeing prisons and sentencing . By year’s end, with Mr. Eastland’s support, he was pushing to narrow judicial discretion by creating a commission to set “presumptive sentences,” and to eliminate pardons and parole. His aim, he told his hometown newspaper, The Wilmington Evening Journal, was to keep defendants “who don’t meet the middle-class criteria of susceptibility to rehabilitation” from being set free

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When Bush gave a speech addressing the war on drugs and his plans this was BIDENS response:

“Quite frankly, the president’s plan is not tough enough, bold enough, or imaginative enough to meet the crisis at hand,” Biden told the American people. “In a nutshell, the president’s plan does not include enough police officers to catch the violent thugs, enough prosecutors to convict them, enough judges to sentence them, or enough prison cells to put them away for a long time.”

The Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which was written at least partially by Biden, changed the law so that those caught with a mere five grams of crack cocaine were subject to the same mandatory minimum as those caught with 500 grams of powdered cocaine. The application of this law disproportionately harmed African-American communities and contributed to mass incarceration.

In 1986, before the enactment of federal mandatory minimum sentencing for crack cocaine offenses, the average federal drug sentence for African Americans was 11% higher than for whites. Four years later, the average federal drug sentence for African Americans was 49% higher .

And what’s funny about that? Bidens daughter when she was caught with weed, where other people would have went to jail, did not even get prosecuted

  • “In 1998, Biden’s daughter Ashley was arrested for cannabis possession in Louisiana. While others arrested for the same offense faced sentences sometimes spanning decades, Ashley Biden was never convicted of any drug-related crime. In 2014, Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine. Like his daughter, no charges were ever filed against Biden’s son.”


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