“A republic, if you can keep it.”

by Chris black

~ Benjamin Franklin, 1787

246 years ago, America was a set of colonies occupied by a tyrannical foreign power.

 On July 4th 1776, independence was declared from tyranny and the fight for America as a sovereign nation began. 

Through tremendous sacrifice, the United States of America was born.

It’s July 4th 2022. 

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America is a dying empire, once again occupied by a tyrannical foreign power hell-bent on destroying the American nation for all time using our own institutions as their instruments and foreign invasion as their bludgeon.

 They tell us, with forked tongue, hooked noses, and hands rubbing that this is our strength. 

Many believe this insanity and welcome its fate. Yet, many still possess the rebellious spirit of America’s founders and fight on.

On this day, we remember what came before and are reminded of what we face.

 The time is arriving to declare our independence from tyrannical parasites, once again. 

May the fires of creation burn in our hearts once more.


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