A Society of Emasculated Liars

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by Raúl Ilargi Meijer

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Haven’t heard from Dr. D in a while, other than in the Comments section here at the Automatic Earth. Where I stopped reading his comments after the umpteenth time he said the COVID fatality rate was only 0.000001%. I find that only repetitious, annoying and more importantly, entirely irrelevant.

But of course over the past 8 months, since I first started to address the virus problem, many things have changed. We have a ton more information on the disease, even if we still don’t appear to know much about it. But one thing we still do know: there is not a government on the planet that has a mandate to kill off its own citizens. And so measures will continue to be taken, no matter how misguided they may be, as long as the virus spreads and people die.

For the media, or what’s left of them by now, COVID is identical to a presidential election: an opportunity to generate clickbait dollars. The priority is not to get the most relevant information to readers and viewers in the best possible way, it’s to present things in those ways that cause the most scandal and anger, because that is what sells.

More specifically about Dr. D’s article below: It’s absurd to claim that Andrew Cuomo killed 20,000 people, just like it’s insane to claim Trump killed 170,000, something I nevertheless read multiple times every single day. What’s neither absurd nor insane is to acknowledge that the US health care system is a giant black hole where money goes in and very little returns. But neither man built that system, it was a society-wide effort.

Fix that and you won’t have to rely on politicians to deal with matters they don’t know the first thing about. “But we listen to the scientists”, they all say. That doesn’t help if you don’t know which scientists to listen to, and to find that out you need to know more about the topic. Catch 22.

There are many many things wrong with both Trump and Cuomo, but in the end they merely epitomize the American political system as a whole, just like their COVID-related actions epitomize the failures of the health care system. Neither system was at all prepared for a pandemic, despite decades of warnings that it would come at some point.

Nor is this just an American problem. European countries, though they often have very differently structured health care systems, were caught just as unawares and unprepared. And you can think and hope that this won’t happen again, that they all will have their blueprints ready for the next one, but I wouldn’t be so sure. There’s not enough money, or power, to be gained from such things.

And no, lockdowns and face masks are not in and of themselves useless or oppressive, but you always need to weigh when to use them, and when not to. And since nobody seems to know that either, we most often see them used for all the wrong reasons and at all the wrong places.And yes, that does get to be oppressive.

But none of this is a reason for me not to let Dr. D speak.




Dr. D: NY’s Governor Andrew Cuomo bans dancing. When are we going to realize they are the lemon-sucking church ladies? He does this AFTER he killed 20,000 people, AFTER the ICUs are long empty, AFTER there are no deaths in NY at all. They’re already intentionally killed 20,000 elderly citizens with their ‘helping’ in a nod to the old eugenics programs. Isn’t that enough?

They always said, growing up, “How could Germany happen?” Didn’t seem that hard to understand to me: men are men. We are not immune. But here watching such madness universally lauded as the best outcome, an example to all, is certainly not what I most expected.

So…crime up 400% in NYC, muggers are beating police and murdering people in the streets. Since this is generally a response to the lockdowns, it won’t be a minute until the bad economy kills more people and ruins more lives than the virus. …Like I said. But beyond that, it has ruined more lives by actually removing all fun, all humor, all discussion, all discovery, all ‘humanity’ from society toward each other. Mask-Nazis are beating fellow shoppers for non-compliance. In what seems to be a competition to show that they don’t believe either in Covid, or in masks at all. If a guy was a leper, would you run up and jump on him to hang his bells on? Clearly they do not believe – in any way – that this is real. That this is dangerous. They just are ze rules. And ze rules are ze rules. Papers please, citizen. Except when it’s US, we’re the good people and we ourselves don’t follow ze rules…you understand. Astonishing.

Even if it were dangerous, wouldn’t there be a human approach to this: Oh do you have a condition? Did you forget? Did you know our policy? Can I help you? In my experience so far, the PoA, Person of Authority, comes up with their mask below their nose, gets 2 feet away, then proceeds to order you about while having not the faintest idea what the actual law – that is, non-law, never passed, doesn’t exist — policy, is. Then I have to quote their policy TO them, they having never even THOUGHT to read it themselves, while they protest ignorance of the law…to me. Ain’t rocket science folks. I’m only literate and can read the little black lines. Their city, state, corporation posted it publicly. Not genius level.

The compliant and fully participating people, quaran-teaming, staying home, wearing masks, also then have people over if it’s their mother/brother/friend…who is then in their own quarantine…which you just broke completely…with not the slightest self-awareness of science, while spending time complaining about “stupid red people who won’t wear masks”…while the parties doing the complaining are themselves medical professionals and the medically compromised. If it’s “us” it’s not dangerous, the ‘Rona is our god, the ‘Rona can tell. …Oh wait: just like I said. Any quarantine will be quarantine theater, and the worst of all worlds.

We’ll BOTH destroy the economy – by which I mean the jobs and dreams of all who work, leaving the traders, insiders and oligarchs stronger than ever – AND have no reduction in transmission. Which exactly happened. Killing TWICE as many, because of YOUR choices, not the virus at all, which has killed hardly anyone not on death’s door, and still counting. But that’s okay: we saw the same “camera off, mask off” behavior by Birx, Fauci, and every reporter at the White House. Again, they don’t believe a word. Because again, if this was a Black Plague, coughing up blood with a black neck, they wouldn’t act this way.


This is what happens when you tell lies, especially universal lies: your brain takes it in, it can follow, but your heart and body know better and stand aside. They are not “integrated.” Which means you are a person lacking “integrity.” Worse, when everything is a lie, soon you stop even examining data as it arrives, putting it in its proper place (e.g. that Covid CAN hurt you, but the numbers are different) and resisting or pushing back on the lies, so that there is a) open discussion and b) logical, practical, worked-out agreement on size, scale, and approach. Universal lies here lead to universal obedience despite all science, math, statistics, and personal experience, as we see; but also universal disobedience, yes as we see that some resist, but most just don’t follow the rules and claim they are, then justify themselves while attacking the “other” on the thinnest pretenses, the worst of both worlds.

Just like the lemon-sucking church ladies. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Well, it’s a good thing masks don’t work against viruses at all, or I’d be annoyed about this stuff. As it is, it’s simply compliance theatre, and having a lifetime of that already, I have a wealth of experience in how to navigate our oppressive, hypocritical, insane, unscientific, and self-defeating our culture, which will spare no expense to use a helicopter to track you down in the Outback, in the most solitary outreaches, and demand irrational compliance to a law that was never passed and doesn’t exist. Every day. With every person. Because of the lies no one will address, and the self-evident right and order no one will remedy. Like Assange.

But don’t worry, with our world-wide slave markets, human trafficking, organ harvesting, family-killing, property-destroying, mis-reporting, slanderous, self-serving ways, we’re everso much more enlightened than 1950, before the civil rights they trot out all day, having done not a single other Good Thing™ they can point to in the last 50 years. They also are now all so young, they mis-remember everything it actually was, and just invent, make up, fabricate, whatever-they-want-it-to-be. Reality-as-democracy, the mob, the majority, decide what’s reality, and then it is so! Reviving MLK’s peace torches and peace bricks, I’m sure. The Southern Democrats manning the front lines for Integrated schools against evil Republican Governors from Ohio, while openly communist JFK joined hands with Khrushchev and re-distributed property and set up social justice re-education camps, just like Bernie’s organizers said. I mean, that’s how I remember it, right?

This is where lies get you. This is why people warn not to use them, you know, right before they use them on you. It’s because “People who can get you to believe absurdities, can get you to commit atrocities.” As we see very clearly today. This is the one motto of Cuomo and the rest: We must never, ever, leave people alone. To their own actions and their own consequences. Their own discovery. Their own lives. The only ways are my ways. The only opinions are my opinions. The One True Party UniOpinion™. Submit or die.


“When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”
– Dalrymple




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