A timeline of Facebook censorship (notice the dates and number of shares)

Sharing is Caring!

by Hhdhdbdnenen


Looking at the posts from earlier after the election you’ll notice that they received many many shares that are proportional to the number of people following the page. Roughly half a million. Thousands of shares thousands of likes and many many comments. It was proportional and there were no issues. Then you’ll notice that as time went on and around the time that Facebook begin attempting censorship those numbers dropped. Like a rock. Instead of increasing as it should with more followers actually decreased. Was just in seeing the shares go from in the thousands to only 500 or 400 and sometimes as low as 65 for a post. And of course that’s completely random as there’s no way to tell what Facebook was deciding to show in people’s news feeds. And then as you could see later on into the year it got so low that it was regularly only getting a few hundred shares despite having half a million followers

got to the point where apparently the Creator shut down the page because they don’t share anything




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