A Word to the Dissident Right

by Chris Black

Too many people on the “Dissident Right” try way too hard to distance themselves from normie conservatives. Normiecons generally have good instincts and are mostly just misguided by controlled opposition, lack of information, disinformation, etc.

You should never forget that 99% of DR theorycels were 100% wrong about the scamdemic restrictions. They retardedly celebrated our enemies becoming even more tyrannous, claiming that this was actually a good thing because the West was somehow “transcending” so-called “Neo-Liberal Democracy” and returning to “based authoritarianism, just like Communist China!”

They championed lockdowns, vaccines, masks, and, in some cases, vax and mask mandates too (because “based authoritarianism!”). Some of them even promoted UBI. Many of them continued to shill for these things well into 2021, when it was beyond obvious that the scamdemic was a psyop and an overblown hoax.

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Normie conservatives, on the other hand, immediately began protesting worldwide. Their instincts were 100% right and, IMO, it’s thanks to their continuous protesting that multiple Western countries are now somewhat free of COVID tyranny.

Of course, the DR theorycels will never give these people the credit they deserve. Instead, they act smug and righteous, having ridiculed and belittled normiecon anti-tyranny protests from start to finish.

Anyway, what I’m saying is: When the NWO starts to shill climate hoax propaganda, remember who had dogshit takes on the COVID hoax.


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