AAPL BULLS anticipated the big move – Data included

by bobbythebich

Like the title says, AAPL bulls anticipated the move past 300.

100 CALL sweeper orders on/above ask and only 23 puts in sweeper orders.

Most of the expires are for tomorrow and next friday, This flow data is proving it. Don’t go against the trend, “Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent ”

Most of these are NOT hedges, an institution wouldn’t buy calls for a hedge on/above the ask to just have it expire in 2-8 days

Here is this data –


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The day will come when things will be negative and the flow will confirm, but that’s not now.

Wanted to update, Tons of 310 calls have came in this morning for tomorrow and next friday. I am not saying it will be there but lots of $ to be lost if it isn’t.

Here is the data leading up to the last few mins this morning, showing the 310 calls



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