Abby Martin Fact Checks Congressman Sabotaging Colombia Peace Deal for Dope!

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Colombia’s presidential election could determine the fate of the historic peace deal ending their 53-year civil war. While most in the country want to honor the agreement, Colombia’s right wing has been a fervent opponent. In Bogotá, Abby Martin interviews Congressman Edward Rodriguez, a leading member of the far-right Democratic Center Party founded by former President Uribe. She challenges him on his party’s ties to death squads, drug cartels and potential to reignite the war. Martin also visits the government office dedicated to compensating the civilian victims and speaks with Director Ana Maria Almario about their monumental task.

Columbia presidential elections just like United States. If the tide turns and the peoples choice wins, corruption and dictatorship loses. Political positions turning into forever and ever? Álvaro Uribe Vélez (born 4 July 1952) is a Colombian politician who served as the 31st President of Colombia from 7 August 2002 to 7 August 2010. In 1993 he attended Harvard Extension School, receiving a Certificate of Special Studies in Administration and Management and Certificate in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Harvard Law School. Uribe stated that the government had to first show military superiority in order to eventually make the guerrillas return to the negotiating table with a more flexible position, even if this would only happen after his term in office expired.

In early 2002, Uribe’s administration decreed a one-time tax of 1.2% of the liquid assets of the higher income Colombians and corporations, with the goal of raising US $800 million. More than $650 million was collected before the final payment quota was made, surpassing original expectations. In January 2005, Human Rights Watch stated: “Paramilitary groups maintain close ties with a number of Colombian military units. He has been publicly recognized as a supporter of the US war on drugs.

He is also recognized as a supporter of the US war on terror, and the invasion of Iraq. Dick Cheney’s coming out with a new book arguing for an even more interventionist foreign policy. Jeb Bush blames “faulty intelligence” for the Iraq war fiasco. Is history being re-written? How long can lies win? As long as TRUTH is silent.

In a 22 November visit to the coastal city of Cartagena, US President George W. Bush stood by the results of President Uribe’s security policies and declared he would continue to provide Plan Colombia aid in the future: “My nation will continue to help Colombia prevail in this vital struggle. Since the year 2000, when we began Plan Colombia, the United States has provided more than $3 billion in vital aid.

After the 2009 Honduran election Uribe joined a list of leaders that are supporting the next government following the coup d’état. “Colombia recognizes the next government”, Uribe told reporters during an Ibero-American summit in Portugal on 30 November 2009. “A democratic process has taken place in Honduras with high participation, without fraud.” In 2009, bilateral negotiations between the United States and Colombia which would give U.S. forces increased access to several Colombian military bases for the stated purpose of fighting terrorism and the drug trade generated controversy throughout the region.

Looking back at history, it would seem that the more corruption done, the more medals won? Would it not be better to have fewer medals than more? Who has the most medals? Who has been in government forever? What do you really know about them? How many outside of Columbia really know what is going on? A nation like most others, riddled with debt and enslaved.

The Uribe administration has continued dealing with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, securing loans, agreeing to cut expenses, agreeing to continue debt payments, privatize public companies and foment investor confidence, in order to comply with financial orthodoxy. On 4 February 2005 Álvaro Uribe was created knight collar of the Order of Isabella the Catholic by King Juan Carlos of Spain.]In May 2007 the American Jewish Committee (AJC) gave Uribe its “Light Unto The Nations” award. AJC President E. Robert Goodkind, who presented the award at AJC’s Annual Dinner held at the National Building Museum in Washington, stated: “President Uribe is a staunch ally of the United States, a good friend of Israel and the Jewish people, and is a firm believer in human dignity and human development in Colombia and the Americas”.

On 13 January 2009 US President George W. Bush awarded President Uribe, along with former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair and former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard, the highest civilian award; the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In 2012, Uribe joined the Leadership Council of Concordia, a nonprofit organization in New York City that creates public-private partnerships. Senator of Colombia (2014–2018)
Uribe, who had served in the Senate previously prior to his election and re-election as president in 2002 and 2006, respectively, is both the first two-term president and first former head of state in Colombian history to become a Senator after occupying the presidency.


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