About to lose my job in the NHS

by Legitimate_Sleep_610

TL;DR: 26 year old healthy male working in the NHS (National Health Service) being forced to get the vaccine. I advocate for freedom of choice so find it sad that I will most likely lose my job in a week. Nothing I can do about it and no amount of convincing will make me want to get it.

As you guys are aware , there is a vaccine mandate in place here in the UK which states that all health care workers must be double jabbed by the first of April to continue working on the front lines.

I’ve been trying to not let it get to me but I’m feeling very discriminated against by my peers and management. Everyone is so nice to me and I’m generally a likeable person until the conversation around vaccines is brought up . Soon after no one will come 6ft near me.

I’m a 26 year old (M) with no underlying health conditions and I caught covid in August 2020 (felt shitty for a day) . A recent antibody test showed that I still have the antibodies and I haven’t caught it since (as opposed to my triple jabbed co-workers who are off sick constantly). I work as a mental health link worker and have graduated in psychology. This job gave me the opportunity to do some amazing work with patients who are at rock bottom and it was a super rewarding role.

I just received an email asking me to book in for my first dose before Feb 3rd and no one has made an effort to speak to me about redeployment or anything. Whenever they realise I’m not some tinfoil nutter the cognitive dissonance around me becomes overwhelming and people just don’t want to associate any negative effects with the vaccine and automatically blame COVID as the culprit. My little brother place semi-professional football and I’ve seen first hand the impact it has had on a few of the youngsters (myocarditis?)

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Anyways I have a couple of days left until they decide what to do. I just wanted to get my thoughts out of my head and out there. If they fold and “pause” the mandate as rumoured it’s still a loss as many would have been pressured into getting the jab.

I have a baby in the way and if it wasn’t for that I’d be a lot more carefree and pick up odd jobs until I find something stable. But I can’t out my wife (who is super supportive and against the jab too) and unborn child though such hardships and need to get my shit in place ASAP.

3 years of studying at university all for what? A bunch of clowns running the country telling is what is right and all based off bullshit. The sad part is most people got it so they could go out to eat and get drunk or go on holiday, kinda ridiculous.

What makes it worse is I work in a place where I’m the ONLY ONE not vaccinated. Not even one person I know is in my shoes so I couldn’t find solace in other people . I know some trusts they have a few in the same boat so have been able to support and uplift each other.

My parents and vaccinated , as are most my family yet they understand freedom of choice but I wonder how long that will last once i lose my job.

Anyways which you all the best.


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