According to the Left: Batman is a Fascist

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by Mark Angelides

It sounds like a joke headline, or maybe something cropped from the basement of some keyboard warrior, but this is actually published as a real life article on the University of Alberta Website with the headline: “Frank Miller’s Batman is a fascist and you really shouldn’t cheer for him.” If you like to laugh at general idiocy and see the impacts of indoctrination over education, I highly recommend it. But there is something far more sinister behind the ideas the writer puts across.
Super Heroes are a very American phenomenon. They were created (for mainstream consumption) in the U.S, they grew into their many forms (genres) in the U.S, and in many ways they represent to us the things that do, in fact, Make America Great. And to socialists, the idea of a vigilante who does what the state is unwilling to do is a terrifying thought.
But why does the author actually say that Batman is a fascist? Here’s his method: ” Turning a Hero into a Fascist in 3 Easy Steps”
1.Establish that the governing forces are inept when it comes to dealing with criminals.
But isn’t this to some degree absolutely true? Hasn’t crime become worse in the last decades? Sure, we can point to drops in crime statistics, but they don’t reflect the actual amount of crimes that are committed. Who reports basic harassment on the streets anymore? Who goes to the police over a smashed window? Government has singularly failed to protect hundreds of thousands of citizens from the tyranny of crime and fear. Feale Genital Mutilation is a crime, and there are thought to be up to half a million victims in the US…but are these recorded as crimes and included in the “falling crime figures?”
2.Represent the average person as dangerous or weak and thus dependent on absolute governance.
This is actually a leftist fantasy. It is the government that is dangerous and weak (in spirit and moral), and it from the government that the individual must seek to protect themselves. It is, in fact, “absolute governance” that Batman fights against. He fights against the governance of the streets by criminals and madmen.
3.Create villains whose actions have no motive beyond the desire to sow evil.
Is the writer seriously suggesting that criminals and thugs have to have a reason for doing something bad? How many people a year are beaten or harassed because they are walking down a street minding their own business? Plenty. And how many criminals are opportunistic? The writer is suggesting that criminals do not commit crime without a reason…The writer has clearly never visited a city and seen kids smashing cars for no other reason than “a bit of fun.” Or seen gangs of youths harass a woman walking by.
But if you want to get a feel for where the writer is really coming from, his summation of Batman is a perfect illustration:
“He brings with him outdated politics, outdated ideals of gender and concepts of sexuality that are baffling in modern reflection.” Case closed.

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2 thoughts on “According to the Left: Batman is a Fascist

  1. Super Heroes are a very American phenomenon. They were created (for mainstream consumption) in the U.S. …

    Actually, no they were not created in the USA. The first “flying brick” superhero was actually Japan’s Golden Bat, complete with super strength, invulnerability, energy beam projection and flowing cape; he predated Superman by seven years and Batman by eight years.

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