Africa just recorded the highest rate of modern-day enslavement in the world. 9.2 Million

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At the peak of slavery in America there were approximately 4 million people enslaved. Some of whom were in fact owned by Blacks and Indians.

Currently there are over 9 million people still in slavery in Africa.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with estimates of more than 40 million people existing in modern slavery globally.

“Armed conflict, state-sponsored forced labor, and forced marriages were the main causes behind the estimated 9.2 million Africans who live in servitude without the choice to do so, according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index. And despite these practices being widespread, slavery has remained a largely invisible issue, in part, because it disproportionately affects the most marginalized members of society, such as minorities, women, and children.”

“The situation is more acute in Mauritania, which has the title of the world’s last country to abolish slavery. For centuries, members of the black Haratin group were caught in a cycle of servitude, with the slave status being inherited. Reports have also shown the existence of government collusion with slave owners who intimidate servants who break free from their masters.”



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