Africa Surpasses Europe As Canada’s Second Largest Source Of Immigrants

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by NEE

For the First Time, More Africans Immigrated to Canada than Europeans—Asia Remains the Primary Source of Immigrants

For the first time in history, Canada accepted more immigrants from Africa (13.4 percent) than it did Europe (11.6 percent).  This is according to recently released data from Statistics Canada.  Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Cameroon were the top five countries of birth for recent African immigrants.
Although some readers may find this surprising, it’s important to remember that this is part of a decades-long trend.  The proportion of immigrants from Europe has been falling steadily since 1971, where Europeans made up 61.6 percent of all immigrants, down to 16.1 percent in 2006, and now 11.6 percent in 2016.
Likewise, the proportion of African immigrants has increased by a multiple of four since 1971.  It was only a matter of time before the switch occurred.
But perhaps more interesting than the demographic shift is the religious shift.  The savvy reader will note that of the top five African countries of origin, only Cameroon is a majority Christian nation—the Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco are overwhelmingly Muslim, while Nigeria has a roughly even split.  This is bound to have downstream assimilation issues of the sort we’re currently seeing in Europe.
Finally, it must be noted that the numbers of immigrants from Africa and Europe are actually quite small—by far the largest source of immigrants to Canada is Asia (including the Middle East).  Asian countries accounted for 7 of the top 10 countries of birth of recent immigrants in 2016: the Philippines, India, China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and South Korea.canada foreign born population graph, stats canada

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7 thoughts on “Africa Surpasses Europe As Canada’s Second Largest Source Of Immigrants

  1. To begin with, the immigrant count of about 350,000 per year under this Trudeau government is so over the normal, it’s absolutely ridiculous. In view of so many Canadians out of work, homeless,etc., this bizarre figure of over 300,000 points to a certain agenda that our pink shirted P.M. is pushing. In a word it’s replacement, even genocide of the founding peoples – absolutely disgusting. There is no other reason i can come up with for these numbers that Trudeau and his Somalian immigration minister(Ahmed Hussen), are killing us with.

    • Trudeau is a Soros puppet pure and simple. He lives and breathes Globalism. NWO all the way with this snowflake when he’s not marching in gay parades.

  2. The countries mentioned as Asian are also heavily muslim with the exception of China. Why not just have a census of immigrants by religion. Too bad to see Canada turning into a shithole but that’s the plan.

  3. The biggest mistake liberals make is to label Islam as a religion. It is more correctly labeled a political system with religious overtones.
    Americans value freedom of religion. But we should not admit people who’s religion is 180 degrees from our principles such as freedom of speech and separation of Church and State as these are clearly not islamic values.
    We did not admit Nazi immigrants during WWII, or Communists during the cold war, so they could continue to practice their ‘religion’ and agitate for their own legal system within our countries (Sharia Law).
    This is more than a religion and treating mohameddans as strictly followers of a religion (like Hindus, Buddhists or Christians) that are NOT political systems is incredibly short sighted and will ultimately result in the destruction of our societies if not arrested.
    I give you Lebanon as a 20th century example of what happens when large numbers of muslims move into a Christian country.
    Lebanon was once a Christian country with a beautiful city known at the time as the “Paris of the Middle East”. Then Israel happened, then massive amounts of Palestinians were pushed into Lebanon.
    Look at Lebanon and Beirut now and note that most of its formerly Christian population has either fled, converted, or been massacred.
    They have to go back if we want a future for our children that does not include submission and sharia law.

    • I agree with you generally. However, the situation in Lebanon is, and always was, more complex than that. Go back 1600 years, and virtually all of the Middle East was predominantly Christian, including what is now Israel.
      My gripe is twofold:
      1) The majority of Canadians have always opposed mass 3rd world immigration, but all of our governments of the past 50 years have betrayed us. In my view they are acting as agents of a foreign power(s); and
      2) Why are my tax dollars being spent on foreigners being brought in, and subsidized, to lower myy standard of living and compete with my family, my friends, and my neighbours for housing, jobs, and educational opportunities?
      No one voted for this, and it was not inevitable as is suggested by the article. We do not, and have not for decades, needed any immigration.

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