After Riots Rocked Seattle…LANDLORDS SUE Jenny Durkan and Gov. Jay Inslee OVER COVID-19 EVICTION RULES

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SEATTLE — A group of landlords is suing the city of Seattle over rules set up to protect renters from evictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m being forced to act as a welfare agency,” said Scott Dolfay, one of the plaintiffs, who owns and rents out a one-bedroom house near Fauntleroy Park in Seattle.

Washington state extended a ban on renter evictions through Oct. 15 as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Seattle’s mayor extended a city ban through the end of 2020.

In addition, the Seattle City Council passed a set of rules restricting evictions for six months after the mayor’s order expires.

The landlords and the Rental Housing Association of Washington are challenging the six-month set of restrictions, as well as a ban on winter evictions, alleging the rules heap an enormous amount of stress and responsibility on property owners, many of whom rent out one or two units.


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