After Tuesday’s Elections Born Again Democrats See Control of Congress in Reach

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by Chris Black

Following the victories in the Tuesday elections, which truth be told took place in established Democratic strongholds, as both Virginia and New Jersey are as blue as the deep blue sky, DEM leaders started to jump around and to celebrate their massive wins (especially in Virginia) as being a clear and present danger for President Trump, who got rejected and all that.
Some DEM luminaries went on further into saying that the 2018 midterms could possibly bring them full control of the US House and from there, impeach 45 is just a step away, just ask Auntie Maxine.
A well known California DEM, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi whose seemingly perpetual presence in Congress makes a strong argument for term limits told reporters: “The door is certainly open for us,”, thus hinting at a future DEM controlled House within reach, or who knows, maybe she’s an Aldous Huxley aficionado.
Another big DEM, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer respectively, was quoted as saying that last night’s victory reminded him of 2005, when his ilk won big in Virginia and New Jersey, thus costing  Republicans the control of both houses of Congress after the 2006 midterm elections: “The results last night smell exactly the same way. Our Republican friends better look out,” said Schumer.
On Tuesday, the Democrats won governorships in both New Jersey and Virginia, together with acquiring Republican held county exec positions in big counties in NY and also made massive gains in Virginia’s State House. VA’s legislature went from a 66-34 Republican majority to, at best, 51-49 Republican. Pending recounts may switch another one or two to Democrats. That indeed is a huge win for Democrats, and a huge loss for Virginians. Worse yet, those are elections that may translate directly to congressional elections in 2018.
By the way, Donald Trump lost VA by 5 points, while Gillespie who played both sides did way worse, go figure:
Trump received 700,000 more votes than Ed Gillespie. If Ed had reached out to those voters he would have won. Instead, he stood for nothing and folded like a cheap suit
However, the reality is somewhat different (as usual) from what the left-wing corporate mainstream media says. I really do not see these latest DEM gains as a surprise at all. All of this is just fodder for the left wing media to cling to some sort of victory and pretend they are all good and on their way to being relevant again.
Shepard is really excited right now and can hardly contain himself speaking of how the “educated” came forward.  Yet, these counties within these states all went for Hillary a year ago(Northern VA is 80% Establishment, big Gov’t employees and Military Contractors), so for anybody paying attention, Tuesday’s elections’ results are nothing to write home about about.
However, I think that establishment Republicans (read the Uniparty) would be just fine with Democrats taking over the US Congress. Then they’ll finally have the opportunity to get President Trump hogtied and point the finger elsewhere, no to mention they could say “See, we told you he would ruin the party!”.
The RINO’s had zero intention of repealing Obamacare and never wanted tax breaks for the middle class. They did however enjoyed to profit from the damage caused by DEMs to raise money. Once Trump was in, their bluff was called and they showed us they were lying the entire time.
I really think that “swamp” Republicans do not really want control of the Congress, because then they would be held accountable. They’re happy with the big salaries and all the perks, including health care and retirement benefits.

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6 thoughts on “After Tuesday’s Elections Born Again Democrats See Control of Congress in Reach

  1. VA & NJ Governor’s races have gone to the “other” party immediately after a POTUS party change for the past 30 years.
    NJ is so corrupt, it doesn’t matter which party is holding what office anyway. It’s an abomination of tax and graft.

  2. So the Texas two step continues. Left, right, right, left, Dem, Repub, Dem, Repub. I guess some portions of the American voters will never learn.

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