AI-Powered Startup Distributed Raises More Funding

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Using AI in every part of business seems to be the future, and Distributed is making giant leaps towards it. By using Distributed’s platform called Elastic Team, companies can much more efficiently operate and maintain their business. Simply by providing a short explanation on what they want to achieve, the machine learning assisted platform will almost immediately offer practical, intelligent, and tangible solutions. This platform is not entirely independent, however, as it works together with a dedicated global team of specialists who are in charge of delivering the results to the customer, who don’t even need to offer any managerial talent at all.


The startup has recently announced that they’ve acquired more funding, which now totals to 1.65 million pounds. Fuel Ventures has raised 1.5 million pounds in a seed-funding round to help propel Distributed to new heights. The company now has more than enough funds to scale both their technology and their staff to meet the increasing demand for the Elastic Team platform. The startup was founded in 2017, and in two short years, they’ve managed to innovate and revolutionize how we use new software and technology in business.


Even the first year of the company has proven to be a big success. Fifty customers have signed up in the first year alone, so Distributed has reported over 1 million pounds worth of revenue due to their success. Since there is a larger demand for their platform, this round of funding is meant for them to scale their business accordingly to meet said demand. Distributed plans on growing their UK team by 600%, so that when the platform publicly launches in late 2019, they’ll be scaled appropriately.


They’re already working with MasterCard, Syntner Group, Heron AI, REISS, and RBS, and they’ve already made a name for themselves as a company that delivers a market-breaking product. They’ve changed the way businesses conduct digital work in the UK, and they’re only going to go up.


According to the startup, whose website is, the way modern businesses operate by direct hiring and outsourcing no longer works as intended. Their platform and product were created as a result of that and as a solution to that same problem. By using their platform, businesses can assign meaningful work to their talent, which in turn will provide a higher return as well as an easier way to achieve their business goals.


Distributed’s platform is found at the core of the wave of new software. They predict more and more software will appear that will tackle similar issues in business and that there will be an even bigger demand in the future. Their platform is a solution for business that want to find a better way to deliver their digital content to their own customers.


With this new funding, Distributed will be able to properly scale their team to meet the growing demand, which in turn will allow them to lessen the problems that many companies face with HR and talent management. Their ultimate goal is to allow specialists from the entire globe to be able to do meaningful work at their workplace.



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