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Robots will be taking over humanity. That’s what comes to mind for most people when they hear the words artificial intelligence. Robots aren’t something we only see in movies anymore. It’s being used more & more in the workplace.


But stop before you panic. Robotic systems or AI will not be taking over your job. In fact artificial intelligence will be creating job opportunities in industries such as engineering & mechanics.


Are you tired of wasting time on unnecessary admin? AI will be right by your side to help you take care of time consuming tasks so you can focus on more important deadlines.


Want to know more? We put together a list so you know where to expect AI products in future. If you know what’s coming you can prepare yourself for this new development in the job market.


  1. Customer Care Service Robots


Meet Pepper. Pepper is a humanoid robot designed to interact with consumers. Pepper isn’t the only robot used in customer care departments but certainly the most popular. Well known companies all over the world such as Nestle are using pepper in their stores to increase revenue & foot traffic.


This show chatbots are becoming more popular by the day but why? Here are a few advantages they offer:

  • No discrimination: More than 30% of consumers have experienced bias in some way from human customer service interactions. With robots there won’t be any prejudice.
  • Accuracy: Chatbots will have a more accurate & informative answer to customer’s questions than humans.
  • Speed: In a fast paced world time is of the essence. Customer care robots will respond 90% faster than human customer service agents.
  • Emotions: Rude customer care service employees can have a negative influence on your business. With chatbots you’ll consistently provide cheerful service.


  1. AI Future of Human Resource Management


Payroll—including monitoring employees’ hours worked—can take up valuable time & waste unnecessary money. Biometric clock in systems control & manage your employees’ arrival & departure times by using technology such as fingerprint recognition.


Your business can improve in efficiency and bottom line thank to advantages such as:


  • Time management: Monitoring employee payroll systems can take up one to two valuable workdays if not more. A biometric clock in system will automatically give a printout with each employee’s days worked in detail.
  • Accurate information: The hours your employees worked or absent days will be added & subtracted accurately to ensure a fault free report.
  • Eliminates buddy punching: Buddy punching is one the biggest money wasters for employers worldwide. Fingerprint & iris recognition offers a “cheat free” system.
  • Increased productivity: Companies that invest in biometric clock in systems are known to have more than 70% increased productivity within the workplace. Smoke breaks and casual meetings during workhours are kept to a minimum resulting in employees using their time more efficiently.
  • Customize: Some biometric attendance companies such as offer you a variety of clock in systems to select from. This empowers you to customize the technology according to your requirements.
  1. Recruitment Software


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You can take unnecessary workload from your HR team with talent acquisition software. AI offers systems where unsuitable candidates will automatically be taken off the interview list to save time & allow productive time usage in this department. Why interview someone if all facts show he or she won’t be an asset long term? AI can help you identify these individuals.


  1. Onboarding Programs


New employees need a lot of attention & time. HR staff can spend numerous days and even months with new employees. Why not use AI? This technology can make onboarding easier with systems that are customized for each individual based upon the industry and the position he or she will fill.


  1. Training Software


You need to keep your employees up to date with the newest technology & products available. How else will your business stay one step ahead of the competition?


But this requires scheduling & providing frequent training. Don’t waste management’s time on this:

  • AI can help you set necessary training dates for each individual.
  • Online courses & classrooms provide easy cost effective training.


This saves your HR team valuable time so they can focus on more important tasks.


  1. Employee Retention Programs


Employee retention remains one of the biggest issues in the workplace according to employers in the U.S. Once again AI is the key to finding a solution:



  • Artificial intelligence will be able to analyse the needs of employees
  • The tech can predict where there might be problems in the workplace
  • The business’ leaders can take action and solve a problem before it even arises


This is all based on analysis of data. If you have to do it, it can take days. AI will handle it quickly and provide you with the information to make long term plans. You can see AI is all about automating one task so you and your team can focus on others.


  1. Self Driving Cars


Are you in the car sales industry? If you are, exciting news is headed your way. Tech companies are working on designing & engineering self driving cars in the next few years.


Does this seem risky? Think about taking the factor of human error out of the equation. This will prevent car accidents & negligence.


  1. Health Industry Prediction Software


If you’re a nurse or a doctor you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear about the predictions tech research companies are making. AI may soon be used to predict health problems your patients might develop in time.


These scans & software will even be able to give a list of different treatment options for the condition. This will be great news for both patients & doctors. Saving time on diagnoses will mean doctors will have more time on treating specific problems. Patients will also be able to prevent certain conditions such as heart attacks.



It happened slowly but surely: Artificial intelligence has been simplifying & improving our lives for decades. Do you realize you’re already using AI almost daily? Think about online customer support & the beloved Siri that answers all your questions. Do you realize that Google was once a new form of AI?


The future can be frightening or exciting; it depends on how you look at it. In the words of the late Sir Arthur C.Clarke “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” Will you give this magic a chance?



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