AIDS and the Hep B Vaccine: In 1978–1981, the CDC conducted a hepatitis B vaccine experiment on homosexual men living in NYC, LA & San Francisco….

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This fascinating story should be enough to completely overhaul the entire fraudulent medical establishment, but sadly must be relegated to conspiracy forums, as the implications would certainly destabilize the increasingly thinning fabric that holds together this corrupt society.

1978–1981: Is HIV-AIDS linked to CDC’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Experiment?

Gay Vaccine Experiments and the American (Not African) Origin of AIDS

Hep. “C” & HIV/AIDS started with hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981)

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Hepatitis B Vaccine Experiment on American Gays

HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine.

And for those who want to go even further down the rabbit hole:

Does HIV exist?

Depopulation and HIV


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