Airlines see unprecedented rise in disruptive passengers. It could get even worse… DELTA crew subdue unruly man on Atlanta-bound flight

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Airlines have seen an unprecedented rise in disruptive passengers. Experts say it could get worse.

The headlines had barely faded after a Southwest passenger reportedly knocked out a flight attendant’s teeth during an in-flight altercation when the next high-profile example of bad airline behavior emerged. A man was arrested last week after allegedly banging on a Delta cockpit door, demanding the plane land and tussling with a flight attendant.

Less than two weeks apart, the violent incidents – parts of which were recorded by other passengers – served as extreme reminders of the conflict that experts say has risen to unprecedented levels over the past several months as travelers return to the skies.

(CNN)An unruly passenger forced a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta to land in Oklahoma City on Friday night, the airline said.

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Crew members and passengers of Delta Flight 1730 subdued the man after he assaulted two flight attendants and, according to Oklahoma City police, said he was “going to take the plane down.”
It was the second Delta flight diverted because of a disruptive passenger in as many days.
The packed flight Friday night was about two hours away from its destination when an announcement on the intercom advised passengers to return to their seats and prepare to don their oxygen masks, according to passenger Benjamin Curlee, 29, who was seated in the rear.


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