AJ sues Pelosi, US Capitol riot committee – to stop testimony and deny phone record

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Shock jock AJ has sued US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the congressional committee that’s investigating last January’s US Capitol riot to block the panel from accessing his phone records and forcing him to testify.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in US District Court in Washington, alleges that Pelosi and the investigative committee that she appointed are trying to suspend constitutional liberties “in coercive secret proceedings specifically designed to satiate a political witch hunt.”

“The select committee’s members have made it abundantly clear that they are only interested in prosecuting political adversaries,” the lawsuit said, adding that (he) was put in the “unconscionable position” of facing imprisonment if he exercises his constitutional rights.

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(He) has told the committee that he will remain silent, invoking his 5th Amendment right, if forced to appear in person. According to the lawsuit, the committee has suggested that AJ and other witnesses may be granted immunity from prosecution to eliminate the threat of self-incrimination.



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