"Alarming Advances Made In Digital Media Manipulation" We're almost at the point where we absolutely will not know what is real or not.

Scary tech that can fake anything is here. Soon enough it’ll be so good that you wont be able to distinguish what is real. They’ll be able to feed us anything at that point.


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Forget the idea of “seeing is believing.” New technology is making digital media manipulation easier than ever.
The result? Phony videos that are popping up across the web.
One video making the rounds is of former-President Barack Obama delivering a speech that he never actually made. It’s part of a video trend circulating the internet called Deepfake, which has made it tougher to tell what’s real and what’s not.
“It’s very concerning because as people get better with this software we’re able to not just use celebrities, they’re able to use a neighbor in a video and compromise that person,” FITECH Senior Vice President Duarte Pereira said.
Pereira says in recent months, the videos started appearing on Reddit. They’re created by a program called Fake App, which superimposes videos of one person’s face on another person’s body.

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