ALERT, AMERICA! Investigative Journalist, William Craddick, Uncovers THE TRUTH About MASSIVE NETWORK OF ISIS SLEEPER CELLS In Every State In America!

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by Pamela Williams
As we approach President-elect Trump’s Inauguration Day, we look forward to seeing our new President sworn in to lead this Country out of the darkness it has fallen in. I believe it is time for all Americans to rise and shine for the transition which lay ahead. We must all come together to surround President-elect Trump, his family, and his Team with support and protection. I am so appreciative that we have the excellent Police Force, the National Guard, and the incredible Bikers here in America to be there for all Americans on Inauguration Day. From what I have just read, we will need all the protection and support we can get for our incoming President-elect and those around him.
Investigative Journalist, William Craddick has uncovered a deeply disturbing plot by ISIS to attack those who gather around Trump as he is sworn in on January 20, 2017.  William Craddick can be reached at his Twitter feed is as follows:

Please take the time to follow Craddick and give him the thanks he so deserves.  I, also, want to thank one of the best Alternative websites on the Internet:
It is there I found the story by William Craddick.
The following is a map of the United States showing the ISIS training camps in all fifty states.  Please view to bring awareness to your location in connection to the ISIS cells.  This map was taken from

?William Craddick is a Law School Graduate who  has made quite the name for himself on Reddit’s “The_Donald” forum.  He is intent on informing the public of the ISIS threat to the American people on Inauguration Day.  He says the following:
Either the US government and current administration is so hopelessly incompetent that they are unable to detect domestic and foreign threats which are discoverable by investigative journalists and whistleblower organizations. Or, there are factions within the United States government who are seeking to prevent competent, well-intentioned members of the intelligence community, law enforcement, and legislative/regulatory branches from taking action against ISIS operatives and extremist recruits who are active both on the American border as well as in the United States.
This is a frightening assumption, but I think that many aware American people feel it is true.  Americans, along with the world, have experienced so much bloodshed at the hands of ISIS during the Obama Administration.  I don’t want to say that we have become desensitized, but have we? I think that may be what the globalists want.  Could it be they want to lull us into a sleep while they take total control over the world and us?  Lets get back to the report from William Craddick.

At least one established network of paramilitary training camps has been public knowledge since at least the 1980’s. The Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or “Muslims of America” network has run a network of camps estimated in a report from Sean Hannity to be spread across 35 different locations. The report (linked here) showed a number of Islamic jihadist style military training videos filmed at these sites in the United States. News site WND has placed the number of camps at least 22:
You will recall of course, that the group who carried out the murder of Pearl was Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which was the forerunner of ISIS. This indicates that ISIS has had established connections to this network in particular since at least 2002.
Hannity’s report and the piece by WND both mention the fact that Jamaat ul-Fuqra has produced a video titled “Soldiers of Allah” where Gilani states:
We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.
Despite all of this troubling information, the Department of State does not list Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a terrorist organization. Here is a list of videos both showing footage these Islamic jihadist paramilitary groups have filmed or reports referencing them:

The “lone wolf” narrative pushed by the mainstream media is a lie in almost every single case. Wherever there is a “lone wolf” there is a bigger wolf pack nearby providing logistical and operational support. We’ve all seen the damage that individual attackers have caused in various terror incidents and how much chaos an entire squad of ISIS operatives such as those who perpetuated the 2015 Paris attacks can cause. Imagine what will happen when all of them decide to attack at once? The death toll in each location might potentially be in the hundreds, if not thousands.

The above is an unbelievable fact that we must as Americans face now.  I have been obsessed with the “lone wolf” scenario which we have been fed by MSM.  However, it stands to reason that the sleeper cells work in unison instead of single attackers.  I have felt protected to a point, as I live in a small rural community.  I rarely travel to cities, but I have felt that a “lone wolf” could simply show up at my doorstep.  Now, reading the above, it makes more sense that ISIS would work in unison reaching the highest number of targets which would be in cities.  Therefore, we must take this Inauguration Day threat as a serious reality.  Many Alternative websites are reporting that ISIS has made the threat to make that day a “bloody” one.

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As Infowars and The Express have reported, ISIS has declared Trump’s inauguration day on January 20th to be ‘bloody Friday’. With US special forces on high alert that day and over 5,000 national guard members coming to Washington DC to deal with anarchists and keep order, next Friday is shaping up to be a day for the ages.
Rather than embracing living in America, where a peaceful transfer of power can take place, and celebrating what might have just been the biggest political revolution in US history with Donald Trump’s stunning election victory over a ‘highly favored’ Hillary Clinton (who was the very personification of the ‘elite’), anarchists are hoping to turn Trump’s inauguration into one of the biggest riots in history.
According to the new story by Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog, anarchists will be taking a wide range of actions to disrupt Trump’s inauguration. They’ll be countered by ‘Bikers for Trump’, more than 5,000 national guard troops and an a huge number of DC police along with thousands of Trump supporters and well-wishers. A recipe for disaster? Considering ISIS’s warning of a ‘bloody Friday’, Washington DC might not be ‘the place to be’ on Friday.
Rather than being joyful that a US foreign policy of aggression in the Middle East that has resulted in the losses of countless innocent lives overseas and a huge number of American lives appears to be coming to an end with a ‘non-interventionist’ Trump foreign policy, ‘the powers that were’ on the ‘left’ lament over the possibility that a ‘world war 3’ with Russia may be avoided. Thus depriving the satanic globalists of their much-desired blood sacrifice, it also deprives the Islamic State of their chance for nuclear war leading to ‘Armageddon’ and the return of their ‘mahdi’.
In conclusion, we must be ready to fight the good fight, which I think we all know lies ahead.  If President-elect Trump, his family, and his Team are ready to lead the Country toward a bright future WE THE PEOPLE must be prepared to assist.  Alternative Media is leading the way toward acceptance of the truth by investigating and documenting all the sources working together in a combined effort against ISIS.  I salute all the citizen journalists and those on FOX NEWS who are speaking out to warn us all of what lurks in the shadows.  Be safe, America.


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    With Jewish interests dominating our society, government and military, you couldn’t get a single NAZI skinhead elected dog catcher anywhere throughout the entire nation, yet this is allowed to occur on a massive scale.

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