ALERT: Dems holding country hostage to get “vote by mail” during this national emergency! They’re trying to rig the 2020 election!

Democrats are trying to hold the stimulus package hostage until they get national ‘vote-by-mail’ for the election in November.


The foremost expert on election fraud, Bev Harris (who happens to be a Democrat), says that vote-by-mail is one big way election fraud happens:

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Evolving voting methods have produced systems with significant holes in chain of custody which can call election legitimacy into question. Three voting methods which produce breaches in chain of custody are: vote-by-mail; electronic voting; and Internet voting. These methods make it difficult for the public to verify that: (a) all ballots cast were actually counted; (b) ballots counted were not altered; and (c) unauthorized votes were not added.

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You know it’s bad when Hillary Clinton, Bill Kristol, Adam Schiff, Stacey Abrams and David Rothschild (among others) are all screaming for ‘vote-by-mail’ –



h/t STAX