Alex Jones Gets Off Easy From Sandy Hook Trial

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by Chris Black

The sad part of the story is this: Alex Jones was technically convicted of calling someone an actor and ordered to pay an amount that no normal person could afford for having exercised basic speech rights.

AJ was ordered to pay 4.2 million dollars.

The lawyers of the parents who sued AJ for compensatory damages demanded between 150 and 3 billion dollars.

Yeah, he got out easy, all things considered.

The judgement is probably half of the amount that Alex has spent on lawyers over the last decade fighting off these people.

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That is where the big, draining expense really is – it’s in the cost of the attorneys.

It’s also going to be interesting to see what happens to Alex next.

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People on the left were revelling in the idea of just completely destroying the life of Alex Jones.

They are saying that it is defamation of the “parents” to call them actors, but none of them have been able to show damages.

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They haven’t even suggested damages.

There is nothing along the lines of “people boycotted my business because Alex Jones said I was an actor.”

It is all “I was emotionally disturbed when Alex Jones claimed I was an actor.”

This brings into question whether it even amounts to defamation at all, and as an absolute matter, claiming hundreds of millions or billions in “emotional damages” is completely unreasonable.

Here’s former employee of Infowars David Knight sharing his personal experience with Alex Jones; very interesting, to say the least:


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