All Americans will need a universal federal ID to travel by air or access govt facilities. The deadline is Oct. 1, 2020


Another step in the slow march to our enslavement, and of course there no outcry. Evidently, we need Big Brother to keep us safe from the monsters in the shadows, because all of our time and energy is consumed with feeding our Bankster overlords, and pursuing entertainment ad infinitum which doubles as their propaganda engines.

We’re 100% addicted to the system, and Americans don’t seem to be able to pull the IV that’s slow-dripping these poisons.

I’m sure the lines at the DMVs will be long and enthusiastic Oct. 1

Edit: people don’t seem to realize how this works. Let me be clear.

This has been in the works for 18 years. If they planned it back then and followed through, you can bet your ass they have plans for 18 years from now.

Anytime you see something like this, it’s just one step in a bigger system. This is just the foot-in -the-door for building the next phase. They know Americans aren’t ready for what’s happening in China with mandatory face scans to access internet, phone etc. It gotta happen more slowly and subtly over here.

Proof is in the comments here so far that people see this as innocuous. Sure, by itself it might would be, but it’s part of a plan to change things slowly till they have complete control.




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