All of Chile’s 34 bishops resign over sex abuse and cover-up scandal

The bishops were destroying evidence of sex crimes against children. Lock the Scumbags up!



  • Pope Francis has accused Chile’s bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimes 
  • Francis said the entire Chilean church hierarchy was collectively responsible
  • In a leaked 2,300-page report, the pope blasted the entire Chilean church hierarchy for their ‘grave defects’ in handling abuse cases
  • All 34 Chilean bishops have now offered to resign following the crisis meeting 
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All 34 Chilean bishops who attended a crisis meeting this week with Pope Francis about the cover-up of sexual abuse in their country have offered to resign, it has emerged.

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The bishops also apologised to Chile, the victims of abuse and the pope for the scandal as they released an extraordinary joint statement.

It was not immediately clear if the pope, who slammed had accepted their resignation.


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