All state government premiers in Australia are compromised. A violent revolution is way overdue

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Sky News host Paul Murray says it is becoming quite obvious a lot of people are going to “choose the mighty Chinese currency over Australian values” as tensions continue to rise between the two nations.

China on Monday threatened to place a close to 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley exports, under the guise of an ‘anti-dumping probe,’ giving the Australian government less than two weeks to resolve the issue.

The communist country has now chosen to suspend imports from four separate Australia abattoirs, one of which is Chinese owned.

He said there will a number of people in business, politics, and acadaemia who will claim Australia needs to “moderate this discussion with China” and massage the relationship.

“Well they lined up around the block today, these are the sell outs”.

Mr Murray pointed to the Queensland and WA Premiers as well as the Victorian treasurer who “think the dollar is more important than the principle”.

“This is frightening how compromised our leaders are”.

Image: AP


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