All that sh*t about the UK… And Americans can say anything they want to them… Facebook can legally doxx you now, without trial. All your personal information, work, number, family. F*CK THIS. OMNIBUS BILL.

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Global government is already here.

All that shit about the UK... And Americans can say anything they want to them... Facebook can legally doxx you now, without trial. All your personal information, work, number, family. FUCK THIS. OMNIBUS BILL.

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I’m a developer. I’ve worked for mobile and social media companies.

The information that can be obtained is crazy. Nsa level.

One example: – Google:

  1. Knows your home location.
  2. Knows your route to work, the direction you travel. Your schedule.
  3. Knows your family relations.
  4. Knows your email.
  5. Knows your political identity.
  6. Knows your search history.
  7. Knows your messages.
  8. Knows when your home, and what you watch on TV.

No, this is not a joke, I can keep going and can if you want.

Now think about Facebook. You may have a fake account or two.

Do you log into the accounts from the same computer or phone?

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You can fake some users, but Facebook knows your IP and computer serial address, aka Mac address, linking your accounts together.

User agents, cookies, tracking pixels.

Companies exist to track you clicking on a link, viewing an ad, and selling that you seen the ad.

They make money if you click a link and install an app, it can all be tracked.

We can listen in the background on your smart phone, and determine what your say or watch, hash it and archive it. This can be done by the ios or Android api, sometimes needs additional libraries.

Again, I can link examples.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube are free, because you are the product.

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So yes, if you’re on the internet, you can be identified.

If the omnibus bill passes, China and the UK can legally request the data without your 4th ammendment, and profile you.

What will they do with the info? Add you to a no fly list? Arrest you when you enter the country?

The fascist make a new “jew list”, but instead for right wing people to kill first.

This is bad. We need to get alert at what is actually going on.

You don’t own your messages, pictures, visits, or profile, the provider does. So yes.. The UK can do this.


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