All the lies they told about Brexit, slowly being unravelled.

Brexit & the economy: The successes the mainstream media aren’t crowing about
A picture of Brexit doom and gloom has been painted – an artwork constructed by the ‘remoaners’ whose campaign of fear angered leave campaigners during the referendum on whether Britain stays or leaves the EU.
‘Project fear’ (the picture of economic doom and gloom painted by Remainers that would precede Brexit) has been challenged by a stable UK economy, which has continued to grow despite repeated predictions to the contrary.
Despite the nation voting ‘out,’ and the British government committed to Brexit negotiations, the country has repeatedly heard economic horror stories that are set to befall UK only for the predictions to fail to materialize.
The latest of which is a leaked Government report that suggested Britain would take an economic hit – yet the way it ran across certain news outlets’ headlines, it seemed the suggestions were taken as fact.
Beneath the sensational headlines, however, there has been some good economic news for post-Brexit Britain.

h/t keybored