All the warning signs were there. We just weren’t looking hard enough for them:

DOG DAY AFTERNOON: A ‘Major’ Incident Occurred in the Biden White House Last Week and We’re Just Finding Out.

It turns out that Major, “the dog version” of Joe Biden, isn’t a good boy after all. According to a report from CNN, both dogs were sent back to Biden’s Delaware home last week due to Major’s aggressive behavior. According to the report, there was a “biting incident” with a member of White House security. Biden’s other dog, Champ, returned with Major, in order to not separate the dogs. “The exact condition of the victim is unknown,” reports CNN. “However, the episode was serious enough that the dogs were subsequently moved to Wilmington, Delaware, where they remain.”

It is not clear when last week they were relocated, or why we’re only finding out about this now.

Major was also involved in an incident back in November that resulted in Joe Biden getting hairline fractures in his foot.

As of yet, Major has not been accused of being a Russian agent, but there’s still time.


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