All the while THEY, the leadership in CONgress, actually control things, and forward the Uniparty agenda of more control

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by Dutchman

The goal is CONTROL, “by any means necesary”; and actually that means weakening the POTUS, and strengthening Congress.
Congress abdicated the responsibility to declare war, so POTUS takes the blame, yet they maintain control, thru war powers act and funding.
Senate dictates to POTUS his cabinet, there is no “consent” in “advice and consent”; imagine the “Dream team cabinet PDJT COULD have had, if he had hsd free rein to appoint who he wanted.
Senate dictates who can be appointed as Judges, and who can’t, and retains ability as,a threat, to impeach judges.
Congress has oversite authority, and so can hamstring administratin with investigations, or whitewash illegal behavior as it chooses.
Congress created the,administrative State.
And thru gang of eight and SSIC, runs the IC.
And, unlike executive restricted to msx of 8 years,which is blink of an eye for people like Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell, who are at the top of Government, with enormous power, for life.

Every problem exposed, can be traced directly bsck to CONgress.
We don’t have an ‘Imperial Presidency”, wehave a FIGUREHAD Presidency, and an Imperial elite in CONgress, that,actually run the Country. When the,Potus furthers their agenda, they let him, while the R shills express dismay, and token fruitless efforts to ‘resist’ him.
When a Potus yhreatdns their agenda, they undermine.


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