All witnesses testified that no one EVER insinuated, ordered or asked staff or ambassadors to trade foreign aid for personal favor.

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by Xeven

They are so accustomed to working this way with the Obama admin that they presumed or assumed it would be true under Trump.

All witnesses denied that anyone anywhere, no documents, no text, no whispers EVER told them that Trump wanted to negotiate investigation on Biden to receive the Foreign aid.

It was Sondland’s fault if anyone. He may have overreached and assumed he knew what the President wanted, he may have even told others that is what Trump wanted. Who knows. He did say he presumed it without any influence from anyone.

If Trump got word that someone blamed him for Quid pro quo, even if innocent you would take action to make sure your house is in order and no one is selling Quid pro quo without instruction to do so. Attempting to audit oneself and staff is not an indication of guilt. It is indication of integrity and attempt to make sure the useful idiots are not rogue.

Sondland went Rouge on President Trump even though he thought in his mind he was doing the Presidents will.

Bill Barr should step in and have all of this investigated under the law and not politics. In fact since Nadler accused Trump of crimes, Barr would be failing in his duties to not open an investigation.


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