All you have to do is check the Vaers system and you will see the truth

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The talking heads keep saying that it is only the unvaccinated in the hospitals, but the vaers reporting system is showing more and more cases of people hospitalized with Covid after being vaccinated:

Vaccination date March 21, 2021 – onset date Sept. 2, 2021

ongoing hospitalization, pneumonia from covid-19 with actute hypoxic respiratory failure. treatment: decadron, remdesivir

Vaccination date March 20, 2021 – onset date July 30, 2021

patient was diagnosed and hospitalized with covid-19. hospitalized 7/30-8/10/2021

Vaccination date Feb. 12, 2021 – onset date August 20, 2021

patient fully vaccinated with two covid 19 vaccines. admitted to hospital on 08/20/2021 with covid 19. case expired on 08/31/2021 while still hospitalized.

patient currently in the hospital with covid pneumonia he was fully vaccinated and received his second shot 2/17. he was admitted into the hospital after his oxygen levels got down to around 80 last night (8/11 ).

Many more cases of double vaxxed people with severe Covid symptoms can be found on

Not to mention all of the severe adverse effects of the clot shots that can also be found in the vaers reporting system.

Doesn’t say if this birth was pre-term, but it doesn’t sound normal. Also doesn’t report the condition of the baby or mother afterward:

patient received vaccine roughly 1030am 01sep. at 1500 on 01sep patient reported chills, shaking, headache 6/10. vitals 36.7c oral, 115bpm, 99% spo2, 26rr, 137/62 bp. given tylenol for pain and prophylactic fever reduction. at 1625 patient reported having contractions lasting roughly 40 seconds at 6/10 intensity every 3.5-4min. 500ml bolus given, iv placed, fetal monitoring found fetal hr to be 190-200s. patient moved to l&d triage for continuous monitoring. contractions continued and patient delivered via favd at roughly 0051 on 01sep

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Does this sound normal?

onset of acute esotropia and diplopia the day following second moderna vaccination. also presented with symptoms of vertigo. patient currently has prism applied to glasses to relieve diplopia. cannot function without prism in glasses or monocular occlusion.


And here is an example of the MISC-c in a 17 year old male, onset of symptoms 27 days after the jab:

17y / male presents 8/29/2021 with 4 days of symptoms: fever, tachycardia, vomiting, congestion, and red eyes diagnosed with mis-c

Reports are coming in from around the U.S. that fully vaccinated people are not only becoming infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and developing symptoms of COVID-19 but are also, increasingly, being hospitalized with severe symptoms and dying. This development is creating a dilemma for those who argue that, although the COVID vaccines may not prevent coronavirus infection and transmission, at least they protect people from something worse. This may be why there is such a sudden rush to push a booster shot.

Be careful if you actually try to get a flu shot (I personally don’t get them, but I know a number of people do):

the patient came in to get the flu shot. the pharmacist administering the vaccine misunderstood which vaccine the patient wanted and administered the janssen covid vaccine instead.

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14 yo female patient brought to the ed by her mom for sudden 9/10 sharp, non-radiating chest pain and palpitations. the pain started 8/30 around 6pm, with no identifiable trigger. symptoms continued despite taking tylenol pills. she had 4 episodes of non-bloody non-bilious vomiting and headache. mother called an ambulance and was taken to the ed around 9pm. symptoms resolved by 01:00am. ed course: in the ed, patient afebrile with marked tachycardia heart rate in 130s to 140s, initial suspicion for pulmonary embolism, emergent ct scan ruled out

No identifiable trigger, except that she had received a clot shot 2 days before…


h/t Daniel Higdon

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