All You Need to Know About DC and Globo-Homo Support of Ukraine is What the Elites Themselves Have to Say About It

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by Chris Black

What did Biden say in his speech?

It’s about “saving democracy,” and about Ukraine’s “freedom” to be gay and Jewish.

I still can’t quite believe that anyone in our circles thinks that DC support of Ukraine is about “saving the Ukrainian people from genocide” when they are neither being genocided nor helped by prolonging the war.

Even funnier is the idea that DC support of Ukraine is about stopping White genocide/erasure as a whole.

The same regime that actively assists in the replacement of Whites at home and around the world…


I really do feel bad for ordinary Ukrainians who have been roped into this DC proxy war, but that doesn’t mean I have to pick a side or accept the DC narrative.

The plight of the Ukrainian people is one thread in a yarn ball where most of the other threads are lies and propaganda.

For the average Ukrainian, the war could be a matter of life and death.

I doubt they care much about DC’s talking points about “freedom” and “democracy,” or about Zelensky’s delusions of grandeur, especially not when it’s largely DC’s fault that they’re in this position to begin with.

I support the idea of an independent Ukraine in the abstract, but in practice I can’t compromise on being anti-DC. It was DC who spoiled the prospect of a sovereign Ukraine, DC who installed CIA puppet governments, and DC who fomented the ongoing civil war that preceded the Russian invasion.

Far from being “Russian talking points,” these observations are just a retelling of the same movie we’ve seen so many other times in so many other countries. Ukraine is not unique in this regard.

The US State Dept, DOD, and CIA have done this same routine with dozens of other countries. And there is nothing you can say to make me support it, not even “just this once.”

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It was wrong when they did it in Latin America, wrong in the Middle East, and it’s still wrong now.

The only difference between other instances of DC meddling and the recent DC meddling in Ukraine is that this time, DC’s interference might actually cause WW3 and yet another full scale war in Europe, causing another mass-murder of White Europeans in their own native lands.

Forget about the Six Million, let’s talk about the Twenty Million and the Fifty Million…

And the God-Knows-How-Many this time around.



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